About us:

With our long practical working experience in garments manufacturing unit as well as recognized buying house we have established “ Dream Touch Solutions”.

“ Dream Touch Solutions ” is a Bangladesh based manufacturing & supplier company. We are the traditional dress manufacturer & merchant in Bangladesh. We provide service in ready made garments SWEATER; KNIT & WOVEN items design selection and evaluation, business negotiations, executions, contracting, order management, production control, quality control, Inspection & logistics assistance.

“ Dream Touch Solutions ” has rich experience in local & overseas market. All these will help us to provide the high quality service to you. We make sure that our supply chain covered while you remain focused on your core business. Dream Touch Solutions believes that mutual trust will help to establish a long-term partnership with our clients to promote mutual benefits. Dream Touch Solutions also believes each party should focus on its own strengths. Suppliers and our customers should focus on their respective strengths and Dream Touch Solutions will get then together . They synergy of effort will benefit all of us .

“ Dream Touch Solutions ” has the knowledge not only on manufacturing but also on trading. The combined strengths would allow us to provide one-stop service on product planning schedule supervision, quality control oversight and delivery. This are differentiates between Dream Touch Solutions from other traditional companies.

“ Dream Touch Solutions ” locates Dhaka and provides suitable fabrics sourcing in all respect, manages not only the production process but also makes a fast response to any unexpected situations. By acting as your manufacturer you have no need to bear any obligation in lead time and money for production and contract negotiation.

“ Dream Touch Solutions ” has a number of qualified and skilled product specialist, inspectors and experts technician with a vast experience in this garments buying house sector, they are able to find out any critical problems and solve out the problems instantly. We do believe , customer are always highly valued in organization, so as a team we always ensure that our customers are happy with us by our performance and results of supplying production, quality on time shipment and best communication at all times and level.